Safeguard Your Bitcoin with AnchorWatch

Regulated insurance & custody technology

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What Is AnchorWatch?

AnchorWatch provides regulated insurance and institutional-grade custody services that make owning bitcoin simpler and safer for individuals, businesses, fiduciaries and estates.

Bitcoin Insurance

Collateralized and regulated property specie insurance covering permanent loss of access to bitcoin held in cold storage via Trident Vault.


Trident Vault

Our insured custody solution offers institutional-grade security: hold keys alongside us, or utilize the most trusted institutions with Multi-Institutional Custody.

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Eligible Customers

Insured vaults are ideal for family offices, miners and mining pools, funds and asset managers, trusts and business treasuries.

High Quality Coverage

A-rated, 1-to-1 insurance covering permanent loss of access to bitcoin held in Trident Vault due to loss of keys, physical perils and violent incidents.*

*See Policy for coverage details.

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Dispersed Key Management

Signing Devices are stored by customers and AnchorWatch, or AnchorWatch and additional institutions, reducing the risks of loss and making insurance premiums affordable.

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Unmatched Scenario Planning

Trident uses Miniscript to layer security with Time Locked spending rules, shifting what would have been 'loss scenarios' to 'delayed-access scenarios.'

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Why Trust AnchorWatch?

Because You Don't Have To

Audited by the Best

Trident's Bitcoin code was audited by Halborn, the top cyber security firm in crypto. The Trident Vault application was also undergone an audit and pen test by Doyensec. Vault configurations are audited by leading Bitcoin Crytographers.

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Protocol Level Security

Trident Vaults are built using Bitcoin Script. Once a vault is configured and funded, the rules can't be changed - even by AnchorWatch.

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Independently Recoverable

Bitcoin on Trident can be recovered even if AnchorWatch or Trident cease to exist, using provided recovery scripts and customer signing devices.

Independently Recoverable

Get insured today

Be among the first to use Trident and have 1-to-1 insurance coverage on Bitcoin.

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