Regulated Bitcoin Insurance For Your Holdings

Premiums start at 1% annually

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What does it Cover?

Covers a permanent loss of access to insured bitcoin due to covered perils*

Loss of Signing Devices

Loss of any combination of signing devices that results in a permanent loss of Bitcoin due to a variety of events.

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Physical Perils

Loss of signing devices from windstorm, fire and other physical perils.

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Losses due to collusion involving an AnchorWatch key holder.

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Wrench Attacks

Violent events where key holders are forced to give up private keys.

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* See Insurance Contract for coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions. Application and Underwriting Fee applies.

Who Is AnchorWatch For?

Serving HNW customers and institutional clients in the United States and internationally.

Connect with us to see if you are eligible for coverage based on your jurisdiction.

Trusts & Estates

Ensure reliable recovery for estates and their beneficiaries

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Fiduciaries & Asset Managers

Reassure your clients and investors that fiduciary responsibility is enforced and insured.

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Miners & Other Businesses

Eliminate counterparty risk from underinsured single custodians and the risks of self-custody.

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